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26 Bank Row, Pittsfield MA

(413) 499-1994

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The Gist : floating, standard, sad

  • Betty ★ Poor 1 out of 5

    2011-08-01 06:10:45

    Were the best wings ever but the new (Yet again) owners have decided to go with the standard slop found anywhere. So sad.

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    1. unde ★ Poor 1 out of 5

      2007-08-14 15:27:08

      One word- awful. Upon being seated and ordering a glass of wine while waiting for our food we noticed a little bug floating in my wine. Proceed to inform waitress and we see more little nats crawling on table. She says she'll get me new one but that the bugs are attracted to the wine (um.. why are there bugs in the first place). Next ordered a full meal which came with salad and bread. Took forever for salad to come and it was warm (like it had been sitting out). Bread never came until we asked for it when dinner came. Dinner was flavorless and was not worth the money. Waitress became invisible and we had to even ask another waitress for the check. Your money better spent elsewhere.

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